A good question? A straight answer!

At this point I would like to answer two questions I am frequently asked during my discussions
with interested persons and clients:

Mr Bergmann, do you have sufficient expertise in this sector to be able to work for our company?

Answer: generally one of my strengths is to quickly become familiar with a new topic – in addition I am able to draw on extensive experience due to my numerous assignments as a consultant. In addition, I acquire the knowledge specific to your company’s sector systematically in dialogue with your specialists.

Read the customer opinion given by Mr Marcus Ihle, Managing Director of Spaceframe21.

How long does a project with you last?

Answer: that depends on the scope of work. Sometimes companies simply have to cover a staff shortage for three to six months. Others on the other hand require change management over a period of four to twelve months. Clients who have already made use of my services often like to book me for follow-up projects that only last a few weeks.

Do you have any other specific questions you would like to ask me?

Then please do not hesitate to call: I am happy to be of service under the number 040 98 26 01 32.

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