Big goals. Systematically achieved.

Do you need a consultant? Or are you looking for an Interim Manager?
In both cases I am happy to be of assistance – and to select my tasks for you as follows:

1. Specifying goals

As the client you specify the goal – and I develop the project with which we reach this goal.

2. Project description

I will provide you with a comprehensive and specific project description, which will serve as a basis for your decision-making and performance review.

3. Integration

I use the initial days of our collaboration to become familiar with your staff and the important interfaces within your company. In addition I examine and structure the project content, analyse the basic parameters and devise a viable way to move forward.

4. Implementation

In close collaboration with you I then supervise the implementation of the project. Activities and results are monitored and successful processes are transferred.

5. Result

The goal you defined has been achieved – I leave your company so that no further costs are generated.

Hermann Bergmann - Consulting | Process